Acne Product Reviews and Articles

Acne is painful, embarrassing and troublesome. Anyone who has suffered with the problem knows that – but it is less widely known that the “skin care” industry in general does not even try to cure the problem, settling for “treatments” which do not cure the problem, just reduce it for a while and keep you coming back for more. However, some people are working to actually make a long-term difference, and their products are some of the most important on the market. We are happy to bring you a selection of those products.


Acne Free in 3 Days

Acne is a troubling problem for anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer from it. It causes painful, unsightly breakouts and it tears your self-confidence apart. There are few things that do more damage to your self-esteem as a teenager – which is when most cases of acne occur – at a time when you are more self conscious than at any other time in your life... 


Acne No More

It seems completely bizarre to think it, but the truth is that much of the skin care industry is not remotely concerned about putting a stop to the problem of acne vulgaris. It probably seems completely ludicrous to say that they are actually happier to never find a real cure for the condition, but the fact is that while there is a place for an industry that treats the cosmetic symptoms of the problem without ever removing the causes...


Mr X Acne

The skin problems caused by acne are a constant curse for many people. No matter what treatments they try in order to get rid of the pimples, the cysts, the blackheads and all the other problems connected with the acne vulgaris condition, the breakouts continue, their skin remains in bad condition and their social life suffers terribly. It is no exaggeration to say that acne can ruin lives, and that sufferers can be...