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It is one of the most controversial and emotional topics anyone can think of – the dating game makes fools of all of us from time to time. It is all the more annoying when you see the person you feel you should be with walking off with someone who just plain isn’t good enough for them. There are some brave people out there who want to redress the balance – their tips and advice will make things equal for those of us who have been unlucky for too long.


Become an Alpha Male  

The way of the world – as frustrating as it may be for some of us – is that most of the time it is not the good men, the considerate and warm-hearted guys, who end up with the women they deserve. Paradoxically, it is all too often the case that a guy with a horrible attitude, a sexist and unkind nature, will be the one who, at the end of a night, will get into a cab with the hottest woman in a club, and be telling his equally sexist friends the next day about the night he had. In fact, you probably know one of these guys yourself...


000 relationships   

It can be hard to find the right person with whom to spend your life. There are so many different reasons why it doesn’t work out for people. We hear no end of complaints from friends, or we use them ourselves. “All the best ones are taken … girls are attracted to men who treat them like dirt … I never make the right choice … I keep getting mixed signals”. You get the picture, anyway. One way or another good people keep getting bad results in the dating game, and end up either single and alone or in a bad relationship. It sucks...


Guy Gets Girl  

There are countless men out there who are all asking the same question. “Why”, they ask, “can I not find the right woman to spend my time with?”. It is almost scary to see how many good men are almost doomed to spend their lives being unlucky in love, when there is an almost equal number of men who have very little going for them by any decent standards who still manage to get attractive, likeable women interested in them by one way or another...